Mr. Shariful Islam's family's business started after the Second World War, in 1949. At that time, they were the amongst the original entities in the export market from Bangladesh and was one of the families and businesses that was granted government permission to participate in the national arms trade. Mr. Islam's father, Abu Mohammed with his colleagues, also built Khulna's first Chamber of Commerce with international ties which now culminated in billions of dollars worth of ongoing trade, a tradition that continues today with agricultural products such as refined jute, rice and shrimp as well as services such as deep-sea ports and shipbuilding all with Khulna being the 3rd largest industrial city in Bangladesh. The resulting success lead to Mr. Islam's unique connections which allow him to participate in discussion to help formulate decisions pertaining to International Trade. In the year 1994 Mr. Islam moved to Canada, he went on to learn Network Engineering and worked at the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), one of the Top Five Banks of Canada, for four years where he approved mortgages and facilitated loans for Canadians, Canadian and International Business partners. Mr. Islam also created the community music band, and founded one of the biggest local Mosques and Community Centers. As part of his efforts, Mr. Islam also went on to serve on the Canada Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce as Director for a period of 12 years, during which one of the original formational members. Not forgetting his homeland, Mr. Islam completed a very successful term as President of the Greater Khulna Association of Canada and during his tenure, he created the Global Khulna Association which has 5000 active members at this time. It is also important to note that Mr. Islam is also the President for the Fight for Bangladesh Foundation where he funded and led cleaning projects in various areas of Bangladesh. Mr. Islam has served as Director of International Affairs and Corporate Finance at Privilege Capital Group from his offices at Bay Street, Toronto and as well, currently also serves as a Director at Gold Maple Capital Incorporated and is the Founder and CEO of the Tiger's Den Trade Center, funding multiple projects worldwide through his extensive network of offical business connections with multiple countries. The core guiding philosophies that Mr. Islam brings to Union Bay are in tune with Bangladesh's needs in the present and Bangladesh's progression towards a brighter future. Mr. Islam believes that it is now, more important than ever before, to build a reputation at the highest standards, to strive towards supporting Union Bay stakeholders, partners and the people at the highest levels. In his own words "It is indeed time to put all our expertise together to build upon not just dreams, but also measurable success and to this extent, we at Union Bay will accept our accountabilities and implement carefully measured steps towards this goal."

Shariful Islam