UNION BAY LIMITED is the Private Limited company which is registered by the Registrar of joint stock companies and firms (RJSC), Under the Ministry of Commerce, Bangladesh), Company registration number: C-143308/2018, Company registered office location: House # 15, Road # 128, Suit # 502, Gulshan-01, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh.

The Union Bay company owns specialized as Garments manufacturing, Infrastructure development, Export, Import & Indenting, Vehicles trading and assembling, General supply chain management, Financial & Industrial project related consultancy activities, also participating as corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities in Bangladesh. Union Bay Limited to be recognized as the benches mark in the Garments sector and Infrastructure development sector this will be accomplished through efficient manpower, High products quality, corporate commitment, Engineering excellence & providing as best customer service in the Country.

The project has designed organogram with clear responsibility of every personnel. Our management will supervise, high products quality, estimated commitment, monitoring and evaluate to the valuable clients. Stakeholders analyzed to getting support to them and risk management will be done as mitigation strategy has formulated in the project.